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"Plans are nothing, Planning is everything."

- Albert Einstein is an online event service provider introduced by Alvin Wilson, the founder and CEO of alpicks, when he noticed that clients are easily subjected to exploitation by event management companies due to various reasons. He realised the urgent necessity of a platform for clients to choose their vendors and plan their events without wasting their money on unwanted expenses. This problem was solved easily by the creation of ''. is a transparent, friendly, and flexible platform that helps you conceptualise, design, and organise your special events in a way you want it. With our vast network of vendors, you can choose your optimal vendors directly from our website. This gives you the opportunity to talk to the vendor you choose and make a deal without the intervention of a third person or the burden of any hidden charges.

The process of event planning is hereafter easy for you because you have alpicks to guide you. We help you save a huge amount of money without wasting your valuable time!

All you have to do is visit our website and choose the right vendors you need, to create a memorable and magical event that can make you and your loved ones rejoice. We believe in honesty and transparency so much so that you can enjoy your favourite moments; not only making them unique and special but also free of any exploitation.